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Diverse Destinations

Many different destinations that suit different customer markets

Competitive prices

Rio Nilo It offers competitive prices, which helps companies achieve profit while maintaining the level of quality that delights customers

Different Categories

It offers different categories of accommodation, from 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels, as well as hotel apartments

Professional operation team

Rio Nilo has a professional team to manage operations around the clock to provide the fastest service to your customers

Package & tours Customization

Rio Nile Specialized in designing customizable packages and tours for individuals, groups, corporate with better rates and offering the best deals and the greatest value for money.

Professional tour guides

Rio Nilo has a professional team of tour guides with 10+ years of experience in the field of tour guides in more than 8 languages
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A touch of civilization mixed with pleasure

Luxor is called the City of a Hundred Gates or

Luxor- Cradle of civilization

Luxor is called the City of a Hundred Gates or

Aswan--Beauty of the Royal River

One of the most prominent tourist cities in Egypt is

In love With Cairo

You can not read about Cairo , You should see

Civilization Mix Cairo & Alexandria

The Mix of The River Nile & Mitterrandian Sea ,

Greatness of Pyramids

You will not be overwhelmed with pride and a sense

Magic Of Nile River

The River Nile is one of the most important rivers

Fayoum trip

Enjoy Fayoum Trips from Cairo visiting El Fayoum major sights, Wadi El

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